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Why are my teeth yellow, and what can I do to make them whiter?

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It seems we Americans have become obsessed with the color of our teeth. We see the ads on TV telling us to take the “tissue test” (hold a white tissue up to our teeth and see how yellow they look). There are ads for teeth whitening strips and whitening toothpaste. But, why are our teeth yellow to begin with? And, does this mean they are unhealthy?

The answer is – teeth are not naturally pure white! All teeth are a bit yellow, but how you treat them effects how yellow.

Here are some things that affect the color of your teeth:

1 – The thickness of your enamel.

On the outside of our teeth we have a layer of enamel, which is a blueish-white color. However, enamel is translucent, which allows the layer of dentin below to show through. Dentin is a darker yellow color. So in reality, the thickness of your tooth enamel is what determines the color of your teeth.  Some foods contain acids that break down your enamel, allowing the yellow dentin to show through more. These include: fizzy drinks (heavily colored ones can also cause stains), citrus fruits and juices, sports drinks, sugary foods, artificial sweeteners and white wine and many other alcoholic drinks. Keeping your enamel thick and strong is important for healthy teeth, and to keep them looking white!

2 – Stains.

Coffee, tea, red wine, and tomato sauce can all stain your teeth and make them look yellow.

3 – Smoking.

Smoking turns your teeth gray or yellow.

What can you do to make your teeth look whiter?

One simple way is to get your teeth properly cleaned. The ADA recommends that you get your teeth cleaned twice a year. You can, of course, do this more often! If you have a wedding, prom, or special event coming up this Spring or Summer, come in for an extra cleaning between cleanings. We call this extra cleaning a Smile Enhancer Cleaning, and as with any cleaning it will remove stains and make your teeth look better instantly!

We are offering special pricing on a Smile Enhancer Cleaning just in time for special Spring and Summer occasions!

Children: $95

Adults: $125


Want to make your teeth even whiter? Add a Whitening Treatment before your special event. We offer several options for adults including whitening strips and Zoom whitening (faster results). Contact us today to schedule your Smile Enhancer Cleaning or Whitening Treatment, and show those pearly whites with confidence!