A Great Smile is more affordable than you think

Invisalign® is an alternative to conventional braces for many teens and adults on a quest for an improved smile. This treatment method uses a system of clear, plastic aligners to gradually guide teeth into their proper positions to improve alignment and bite problems.

Dr. Kenneth Webb and Dr. Audrey Laimins are certified Invisalign® providers.

Invisalign® has numerous benefits:

  • InvisalignVirtually unnoticeable when worn
  • Smooth, comfortable plastic doesn’t cause sore spots inside your mouth
  • Dental hygiene is easy because the aligners are removable
  • Eat any foods you like, since you remove the aligners for meals
  • Remove your aligners for key moments, such as photos, speaking engagements and musical performances

Invisalign® treatment begins with a comprehensive assessment to determine whether your type of malocclusion successfully can be treated with this method. We take a scan of your teeth, which we use to show how the teeth will be moved to create ideal alignment and a proper bite. This information is forwarded to the Invisalign® lab, where your series of aligners is manufactured.

Invisalign® checkups are scheduled about every six weeks, and you will receive your next series of aligners at each appointment. Each set of aligners is worn for about two weeks before moving on to the next set in the series.

We will monitor your treatment progress along the way. Minor adjustments can be made if needed.

Visit Invisalign’s Website Please call our office today to schedule a consultation to learn if Invisalign® is right for you.