Beautiful Results in less time!

Beautiful orthodontic results can be achieved with Suresmile®, an innovative treatment that features robotically-bent arch wires that are custom made for each patient’s unique case. The precise bends in the arch wires are designed to address the tooth movement required to correct your smile, so treatment can be completed an average of 30 percent faster, according to university studies. Brackets can be placed on the front of the teeth, or lingually for a less noticeable option

Suresmile® software makes it possible for Dr. Kenneth Webb, a certified Suresmile® provider, to visualize your treatment plan and accurately gauge the outcome. He can digitally plan tooth movements to identify the most successful outcome. We can even show you computer-generated simulations to help you visualize your course of treatment before it begins!

before Suresmile treatment

after Suresmile treatment

In addition to achieving faster results, Suresmile® offers the following benefits:

  • High quality results, due to the precise tooth movements this system provides
  • Increased comfort during treatment because fewer arch wire adjustments are needed during treatment
  • Increased efficiency because Suresmile® technology is highly accurate and therefore requires fewer office visits

Suresmile® is a great treatment method for correcting all types of malocclusion: underbite, overbite, overjet, crossbite and scissorsbite.

  • Suresmile® digital technology aids our orthodontist in achieving faster, and more precise results.
  • Orthodontic treatment time can be reduced by as much as 20-30% with Suresmile®
  • Treatment achieved using scanned images of the oral cavity, then a precise unique treatment plan is created for each patient. Hence reducing the treatment time.

Please call to schedule an appointment and learn more about how Suresmile® can improve your smile.